Netfuze Announces Advisory Council

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Netfuze Announces Advisory Council

Post by J|D » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:18 pm

Netfuze is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow its userbase. As members of the staff, we sometimes have a different perspective on things than regular users do, and I'm sure that many of our users would like to be a part of the staff but we cannot add everybody. Thus, today we are proposing a new Advisory Council, a group of regular, non-staffed users who gather to critique Netfuze, develop ideas for improvement, and strategize network growth. Here are a few important points:
  • Members of the Advisory Council are not considered part of the network staff and do not gain any special authority or IRC powers; in fact, a user cannot be part of the staff and Advisory Council simultaneously
  • Being part of the Advisory Council is not a pre-requisite to becoming a network staff member in the future, but it may help you stand out against another applicant
  • The council is intended to be self-governing, so its members will decide on a leader for the council and it will decide its own policies for membership, etc.
  • The council will have its own channel to discuss network matters, and network staff will not be present in the channel during these discussions, though staff may pop in from time to time to see how things are doing
  • Members of the Netfuze community may wish to voice their opinions directly to the Advisory Council as opposed to the staff
  • The leader of the council will be responsible for consolidating the ideas presented in the meetings and relaying them to the staff periodically, as well as managing the members, topics for discussion, etc.
  • The Advisory Council is supposed to be all about helping Netfuze, so there should always be peaceful, friendly, and constructive discourse. No politics or in-fighting, please!
If you are interested in joining the Advisory Council, please join #AdvisoryCouncil. The staff will maintain the channel until a leader is chosen, at which time the ownership of the channel will be transferred and staff will leave. It may be a good idea to wait a week or so before choosing a leader, so that interested users have enough time to join. We hope to gain useful input out of the council, and also hope that its members will become engaged in the network.


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